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I had painful, hard, cyst-like pimples (or that's how I thought of them) on my chin area for as long as I can remember and nothing I was doing was getting them to go away. I highly recommend the series of acne facials!!!

Yes, the extractions are painful at first BUT I haven't had a pimple since. They have me on a specific face wash & weekly skin regiment as well and I have watched my face start to actually glow. If you are thinking about this series, I suggest calling them today to set up your appointments. You won't regret it!

Susan, Kathy and Dr. Cooke are amazing at what they do!!
Highly recommend. Better than positive experience with the spa as well!

Love the professionals at Riverside,
I wouldn't go anywhere else.

My massage and facial were wonderful! I feel renewed, relaxed and hydrated. Thank you for a perfect start to my summer.

The Kybella treatment has given me more confidence, it slimmed my face and took away the tired kind of "droopy" look I had before.  I used to avoid wearing anything that brought attention to my neck, I was so self conscious.  I am amazed by my results, I have recommended it to 2 of my friends and they are equally impressed with their results!

They are so friendly and helpful. My son’s Girlfriend was visiting from another Country. Dr Cooke was so Happy to support her needs 
Thank You it made her trip more relaxing

Dr Cooke and Kathy are both AMAZING!!! the staff there are always welcoming. It's my favorite appointment 

to go to.

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