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*Provided by our Licensed Aestheticians*

Spray Tans For All

This bronze premier cosmeceutical tanning solution will give you the perfect tan you need for your special occasion! The formula used is the finest botanical ingredient that helps produce a safe and all natural looking tan!



What should I wear to my appointment?

You can wear whatever you want to your appointment, but it is best to bring loose fitting clothing that you don't mind possibly staining to wear after your tan. Please note stains should come out in the wash if you wash your clothes immediately.

What should I wear during my tan?

You can tan fully nude, wear a swimsuit, a dark pair of underwear/bra, or we can provide you with disposables.

Do I need to do anything before my appointment?

You will want to do any shaving that you normally do and exfoliate your body with a scrub or exfoliation wipe. The day of your appointment, you will want to avoid putting on any deodorant, lotion or perfume. We will provide you with barrier cream for you hands and feet. 

When can I shower after my tan?

Our tanning solution is natural, so depending on how tan you would like to be we recommend waiting 12-24 hours before showering. The longer you wait to tan the darker the tan will be.

What if I mess up my tan?

If it appears that your tan is messed up before you shower (splotching, hand-prints, etc.) once you shower it should be fine. If any of these appear after your shower you can come in for a touch-up or try adding self-tanner directly to the area.

When should I tan before an event?

We recommend that you tan 2 days before your event. Your tan will be at it's peak in 48 hours (will look the best) and this gives you time to fix any issues if you have them. 

How long will my tan last?

The tan lasts about 7 days, gradually fading out until it is completely gone.

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