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IPL Laser Hair Reduction

Permanently reduce unwanted hair!

LHR Before.jpeg


LHR After.jpeg


  • Upper Lip: Initial $135  Subsequent $60

  • Chin: Initial $135  Subsequent $60

  • Sideburns: Initial $210  Subsequent $110

  • Underarms: Initial $185  Subsequent $85

  • Bikini: Initial $285  Subsequent $135

  • Brazilian: Initial $335  Subsequent $135

  • Half Leg: Initial $310  Subsequent $185

  • Full Leg: Initial $510  Subsequent $285


Where can I have hair reduction done?
Hair reduction can be done anywhere that has dark and coarse hair. The most common body locations include; upper lip, chin, underarms, bikini/brazilian and lower legs. 

Will it get rid of blonde/white or red hair?
No. The laser will only reduce dark & coarse hairs.

Will my hair grow back?
Once the hair is gone, it will not grow back however it you can develop new hair through other hair follicles.

How many treatments will I need?
You will need a minimum of 4 treatments. The more abundant the hair, the more treatments you may need. Treatments can be anywhere from 4-12 or more treatments.

How often can I have treatments?
Hair reduction on the face is done every two weeks. All other hair reduction is done every 4-6 weeks, with the exception of legs.

This treatment requires a consultation with one of our Licensed Aestheticians to determine if you are a candidate. Call now to book yours.

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